The Steering Committee is seeking someone to join the committee and be in charge of computer activities for the group. These activities include:

  • Sending emails to players.
  • Responding to emails sent to Forest Lake Area Pickleball.
  • Adding new players to the list of players.
  • Recording donations received from players.
  • Recording expenses incurred by the group.
  • Creating Name Badges for new/existing donors.
  • Generating various reports as needed.

The above activities are managed with a Windows application that runs on a Forest Lake Area Pickleball laptop. Familiarity with Windows, Thunderbird email client and plugging in an USB printer would be a plus but not required.

The time commitment is pretty flexible. Checking emails would be a regular activity normally requiring a few minutes each time. Recording donations early in the year is the biggest activity. All in all it should be less than an hour per week.

Denny Johnson is the support person for all things computer related if you would need help or run into trouble.

If interested, please respond to this email or contact one of current committee members: Gary Lee, Cindy Lehman, Duane Dittberner, Robin Larson, Tom Anderson or Sandy Thorson.